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Anonymous asked:

I'm curious. I almost drowned as a child and have a deep fear of water. But lately, I'm doing so much more and I have been drawn to water. Now. I'm sitting with a migraine against my altar because I'm in too much pain to do anything, and a storm comes and I feel, what I'm deducing at this very moment, a large bipedal reptile of sorts. Likely a dragon come over me. I've also been having issues as far as my calling for patron/which witchcraft I should do. What's your opinions on my situation?

Hey anon!

If you’re curious about the dragon fellow i might suggest meditating on it or perhaps scrying in a black mirror (or a picture frame with the glass part painted black) Water scrying might also work best if you feel drawn to water and if you feel like that is how the dragon or being is responding to the most. For scrying with water take a pan of some sorts and put in enough water to cover the bottom of the pan and sit and look into it. 

If you feel the need to communicate with it try talking to it and leaving it an offering. From what I’ve read dragons can be a bit tricky when it comes to what to give. Perhaps try going to a thrift shop and finding a shiny to give it would be what i’d say!

As for trouble calling on your patron and finding your calling, its okay if it takes a little bit! Use this time to try lots of things, you might try a little bit of kitchen witchcraft for a while by mixing good intents into a chicken soup to help ease your migraine! or try venturing into green witchery by going out and buying a plant or two to take care of for a bit. Venture out, try things! Its basically a  cooked spaghetti theory that one of them will eventually stick to the wall :)

If you like the dragon friend and if it has helped you, try communicating with it and or leaving it an offering!

Take this time to explore and find things that you really like and perhaps try to incorporate it into your craft!

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